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  • 上海金緯機械制造有限公司歡迎您!




    XPE 發泡材料為一種獨立閉孔材料,不僅具有良好的隔熱、保溫功能,而且表面光潔、防水、降低噪音、阻燃,廣泛用于汽車緩沖絕熱、空調保溫、


    IXPE 輻射交聯發泡片材,為化學交聯發泡片材,表面更為平整、泡孔細密均勻、各項物理性能都優于XPE,廣泛應用于建筑、化工管道、熱力工


    XPE foam material as a separate closed cell material,Not only has good thermal insulation, heat preservation function, and the surface

    must be smooth, waterproof, low noise, flame retardant, Buffer is widely used in automobile, air conditioning heat preservation, duct

    Insulation ,Premium composite roofing Insulation systems, Luggage liners, sports leisure supplies, decoration materials and other fields.

    IXPE radiation crosslinked foamed sheet, for the chemical crosslinked foam sheet, A more smooth surface, uniform foam fine, the physical

    properties are better than the XPE,Widely used in construction, chemical piping, thermal engineering Vehicle manufacturing, packaging,

    sports and entertainment industries.At present the products in the mainland of China in the period of market growth, development

    potentiality is enormous.

    X P E 交聯聚乙烯發泡卷材線包含以下四步生產流程:

    造粒- - - - 擠出母片- - - - 發泡成型- - - - 輔機收卷


    1、密煉-- 開煉-- 拉片-- 冷卻-- 切粒

    2、密煉-- 單螺桿擠出-- 水環(風冷)切粒

    3、高速攪拌機-- 平雙擠出機-- 單螺桿擠出機-- 水環(風冷)切粒


    上海金緯根據多年XPE 螺桿設計制造經驗,不斷地改進XPE 螺桿的結構設計,改進機筒以及螺桿的溫控和冷卻系統,對模具的內部結構優化

    設計,采用立式鏡面三輥壓光機成型,配備高精度的恒溫系統,使得XPE 母片材擠出過程中穩定連續,確保物料塑化分散均勻,溫度易于控制。


    發泡爐采用新型三段加長爐,爐體分為預熱段、交聯段、發泡段三部分,爐體全長23 米,高5.5 米,寬3.5 米。




    2、生產工藝范圍寬:爐內熱量分布上,克服韓國爐體內熱量分布不合理的缺陷,按照XPE 發泡的工作熱量要求,使得XPE 發泡在一個比較寬

    的范圍內,發泡倍率在5-35 倍,發泡充分,連續穩定。

    3、產量大:在目前國內生產的發泡爐中,我們的三段爐產量最大,最大200KG/H 以上,而且XPE 泡孔比兩段爐更細密。


    輔機全長20 米,依次通過五輥定型機、風冷系統、表面整形、自動糾偏切邊裝置、牽引機、雙工位收卷機。

    以上擠出母片、發泡成型、收卷輔機三部分全長60 米左右。

    XPE crosslinked foamed PE roll material line contains the fololwing four - step process :

    pelletizing---extrude---- foaming ----winder

    ONE、Normal pelletizing method:

    1.Banburying ---open mill --zipper pulls---cooling --cutting

    2.Banburying---single screw extruder --water circulation (or air cooling)cutting

    3.High speed blender--parallel twins screw extruder---single screw extruder--water circulation (or air cooling)cutting


    Shanghai Jwell screw design and manufacture based on XPE experience,Continuously improve the structure of XPE screw design, improved barrel and

    screw temperature control and cooling systems,On inner Structural Optimization Design of mould,Formed with vertical mirror of three - roll calender,

    equipped with high precision temperature control system,Mother makes XPE steady and continuous process of sheet extrusion, ensure the material plasticizing

    distributed evenly, easy to control the temperature.


    Foaming oven adopts the latest enhanced furnace ,Oven divided into three parts: preheating stage,coil stage , furnace whole length 23meters, high ceiling

    5.5 meters, width 3.5 meter.,equipped imported brand high precise burner,Ensure accurate temperature control, can produce XPE, IXPE, rubber and foam


    The furnace three major characteristics :

    1, low energy consumption :

    the preheating period, crosslinking made larger changes, meet the technological requirements, reduce the heat capacity of space and energy consumption. ,

    gas consumption and a two - stage furnace.

    2, wide range of production processes :

    Heat distribution in the furnace, overcome the defects of South Korea's unreasonable distribution of heat in the furnace,

    In accordance with the work of the XPE foam thermal requirements, making the XPE foam over a relatively wide range, expansion ratio at 5-35 times, foam

    full, continuous and stable.

    3, the output is big : In the current domestic production of foam furnace, our three - stage production of the largest and the largest 200KG/H above, and XPE

    foam more detailed than the two - stage gasifier.

    Four, rewinding auxiliary equipment

    The whole length of downstream line is 20m, as from front to back order, it is passed 5 roller calibration unit,air cooling system,smooth surface dealing

    device,automatic correction trimming device,haul off unit,double position collector.

    The above three parts, foam extrusion, rolling length of 60 meters.


    • 地址:上海市嘉定區黃渡鎮春意路111號
    • 電話:021-69595913
    • 郵箱:salfb@jwell.cn



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